Alex DLP: the hardball conservative choice for HD-112 (and he’s not a chivato!)

It’s difficult sometimes to endorse a candidate when his opponent is a decent, honorable person. Such was the case when we at recently urged our readers to support Jeff Brandes over Jim Frishe–Brandes in our estimation is more conservative, but we recognize that both he and Frishe are all-around good, decent guys.

But then there are races where one of the candidates is so unsavory due to both politics and personality, that it makes endorsing his or her opponent a lot more fun. Such is the case in the GOP primary for Florida’s House District 112, pitting former Senator Alex Diaz de la Portilla against former Representative and all-around detestable backstabber chivato Gus Barreiro.

In order to put everything into perspective, it is necessary to rewind to 2006: It was no secret among Tallahassee insiders back then that South Florida state representatives Gus Barreiro and Ralph Arza didn’t much care for one another. Some of it was political, but much of it was also personal.  But I digress.

As chairman of the K-12 Committee on Education, Arza was Jeb Bush’s go-to guy in the Florida House for all his education reforms.  Because many of the conservative reforms stressed merit and accountability in education, the liberal union-friendly Democrat Superintendent of Schools Rudy Crew down in Arza’s home county of Miami-Dade at the time did not much care for Bush, Arza or their education reforms.

But I’ll come back to the Superintendent in a moment.

In 2006, Barreiro supported the backstabber Charlie Crist in the primary for governor; Arza backed Crist’s opponent Tom Gallagher. In another closely watched primary that year, Barreiro supported incumbent Senator and fellow Republican backstabber Alex Villalobos; Arza backed Villalobos’ conservative challenger Frank Bolaños.  Unfortunately for Arza and Florida conservatives, both RINOs won their primaries in 2006 and went on to undermine conservatism as predicted.  Arza and Barreiro’s roles  in those races undoubtedly exacerbated their already-cold relationship.

Arza (left) and Barreiro (center) in better days.

But instead of walking away with his head held high after his political victories, Barreiro went ahead and kicked Arza in the teeth by filing a complaint against him for allegedy using racial slurs against the aforementioned Democrat Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Schools Rudy Crew, who happens to be African-American. Barreiro had nothing to gain politically from doing so, since he was already barred from running for the legislature again due to term limits. But he did it regardless.

The day news broke of Barreiro filing his complaint, Arza attended a pre-scheduled party at his mother’s house. I was there at the party that night, and the buzz among all the guests was what a jerk Barreiro was for filing that complaint against Arza. As is the case in most Cuban parties, many guests had a little too much to drink, including Arza, and some at the party egged him on to crank call Barreiro and tell him off.

Unfortunately, Arza did just that. He called Barreiro on his mobile telephone and left him two profanity-laced messages calling him a “snitch” and a “bitch” for filing the complaint against him.  Then, at the end of the second message he closed by saying “my nigga!”

The next day in typical chivato fashion, Barreiro ran to the Miami Herald and told them what Arza had done.  EXCEPT, he lied about the details.

Barreiro told the Herald that Arza had left him a profanity-laced message in which he called the Superintendent the “N-word.”  The original Miami Herald article is no longer available online, but portions of the transcript can be read here.

Despite the fact nobody including the press had heard the actual recording, Barreiro’s false allegation of it being a racist rant unleashed a political firestorm. By the end of the day, there were politicians on both sides of the aisle calling for Arza’s resignation. When the audio was released, however, it showed that there were no racial slurs directed at the superintendent. In fact, the superintendent’s name wasn’t even mentioned once by Arza in the recording. As vulgar as Arza’s recording was telling the chivatón Barreiro off, it never included any sort of racist diatribe as Barreiro had told the Herald. The only thing mildly resembling anything racist was him calling Barreiro “my nigga,” which, unfotunately is common street langugage these days.

Such was Barreiro’s lie, that the Miami Herald had to issue not one, but two corrections to their original story.  In fact, we at have exclusively obtained a never before seen personal letter by Miami Herald Editor Tom Fiedler in which he assures Arza that the Herald will in fact retract and correct the “original account by Mr. Barreiro [which] was inaccurate.”  Regardless, Arza eventually decided to not seek reelection that fall due to the fallout generated.

So Barreiro is not only a snitch, but a liar.

What makes it worse, is that Barreiro did it to a fellow Cuban. And here’s why that matters: Even if it was true that Arza had used a racial slur at some time or another against the Superintendent as Barreiro alleged in his original complaint, there is nothing more low, detestable, and egregious to a Cuban than a chivato (snitch).  In Cuba, the Castro regime survives on a vast network of chivato “neighborhood watch committees” that spy on their neighbors and snitch them out whenever they’re involved in some kind of “anti-revolutionary” activity (i.e., listening to Miami radio). Many times these little weasels lie about neighbors they don’t like just to get them in trouble. In return, these chivato pieces of crap get an extra pound of rice a month or some other perk from the Castro regime that regular, everyday Cubans consider a luxury.  So let’s just say we Cuban-Americans absolutely detest chivatos, not just because they snitch, but because in our experience, they are also enablers.

As such, when news broke of this entire ordeal, it largely backfired against Barreiro among the mostly Republican Cuban-American community, especially since Barreiro acted in defense of Superintendent Rudy Crew. Crew was hated by many Cubans in Miami not (just) because he was a Democrat, but also because he was widely perceived as a pro-Castro leftist over his efforts to keep a children’s book that glorified the Castro dictatorship in Miami-Dade public school libraries. Many attribute Barreiro’s loss to a Democrat in 2010—a strong Republican year—to his role in this entire ordeal.

As a former aide to Arza, I can absolutely confirm that he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. In fact, his most ardent supporters include several African-American former students and football players whom he taught and coached during his time at Miami High School. Many of them came to his defense when all this went down. #justsaying

Anyway, all that happened in 2006. Now let’s fast forward to 2009.

After Gus Barreiro left the Florida House, the backstabber Charlie Crist gave him a cushy job at the Department of Juvenile Justice as “Director of Residential Facilities.” As luck would have it for El Chivatón, an audit of his state-issued laptop found that he used it to download hundreds of pornographic images. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, he was also found to frequently access an account on–a popular website where adults meet for sex.  His username on the site: CubanCigar107 (Barreiro is Cuban and he represented District 107 as a legislator). Of course, he denied the allegations, but the official report tells a different tale.  Regardless, he was fired over this.

And then there’s the old story about him being a deadbeat who owed his ex-wife more than $20,000 in back child support. I don’t like to focus too much on personal family issues, so I’ll just leave it to the SuperPACs to investigate and disseminate. Thank me.

So to recap, not only is El Chivatón Gus Barreiro seemingly a backstabber, a snitch and a deadbeat, but also a pervert–and a dumb one at that. I mean, what kind of nitwit would use a state-issued laptop to look at porn knowing that everything on a government computer is a matter of public record? Welcome to the Backstabbers Corner, Gus!

This is definitely not the kind of person we need casting votes that will affect the lives of every Floridian.

The other person in this race, Alex Diaz de la Portilla is a former Senator who has voted the right way on most major issues of conservative importance during his time in the legislature. He was term-limited in 2010, and is seeking to return to the Legislature, this time as a House member.

ADLP, as he is widely known, has a reputation of playing hardball politics. He is one of those people you want fighting alongside you in the trenches, but definitely don’t want as an enemy, as liberal Republican and former Senator Alex Villalobos can verify.  ADLP is widely credited as being one of the architects behind the famous 2006 coup in which various conservatives switched their support from Villalobos to Jeff Atwater in the race for the Senate Presidency beginning in 2008.

We Florida conservatives owe ADLP a debt of gratitude for engineering that conservative takeover of the Senate.

Moreover, ADLP passes the Reaganista Florida Conservative’s Litmus Test in that he did not support the backstabber Charlie Crist against Marco Rubio in 2010.

That, along with his hardball conservative record and the fact he is NOT Gus “El Chivatón” Barreiro makes Alex Diaz de la Portilla #ReaganistaCertified.

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