John Q: The Conservative of Record to defeat leftist Alan Grayson

Every conservative in Florida needs to care about the GOP primary race for the newly-drawn Congressional seat in Central Florida. Why? Because whoever Republicans in that district nominate will likely determine if the most vitriolic shrill leftist bigmouth to ever serve in congress returns to torment us for another term.  I’m referring, of course, to the detestable Alan Grayson.

As you may recall, Grayson was elected in 2008 and then was defeated in 2010 by Congressman and patriot Dan Webster after serving only one term.  But a humiliating defeat two years ago isn’t keeping him away.

Now he wants to run for the newly-drawn Congressional District 9 seat that encompasses Osceola County (Kissimmee and surrounding areas) and parts of Polk and Orange.  The district is largely comprised of Puerto Ricans, who lean–although not blindly or overwhelmingly–Democrat.  As such, Grayson would stand a decent shot at being elected to this seat if we nominate the wrong person.

The primary pits four Republicans against each other, but the race is essentially a close fight between Orlando area trial lawyer/perpetual candidate Todd Long and Former State Representative and current Osceola County Commissioner John “Q” Quiñones, who we feel would be the right candidate to defeat the despicable bigmouth Grayson.

We at have nothing against Todd Long. Our research has produced no evidence to make us believe he’s a RINO, much less a backstabber. In fact, from what we have seen from their campaign platforms, we feel that both Long and John Q are decent conservatives who would probably vote the right way on most issues if elected.

However, Long has never served in elected office, and therefore has no verifiable record that would shed light on how he would comport himself in a deliberative body. All we largely have to go by are his stances during this and two previous failed campaigns. John Q, on the other hand, has served as both a state legislator and a county commissioner during which time he amassed a solid conservative record.

According to our research, John Q never supported any tax increases as either a legislator or a county commissioner. Moreover, John Q hasn’t just voted the right way on the sidelines–he has a record of taking the lead in promoting a free-market, pro-growth agenda for the state and his community.  For example, as a legislator In 2004, he introduced and Governor Bush signed an innovative bill that set up enterprise zones around the state to assist local communities in creating an economic environment to attract businesses and private investment.  As commissioner, he fought for tax breaks to further incentivize job creation.

He has solid ratings from pro-life groups and the NRA (and actually earned the NRA endorsement in this race).

As further evidence of his commitment to conservatism, he passes the Reaganista Florida Conservative’s Litmus Test in that he was an early supporter of Marco Rubio’s race for US Senate against the backstabber Charlie Crist.

But let’s face it. The main reason we need to support John “Q” Quiñones is because he is the only Republican candidate in the race that can defeat the detestable Alan Grayson–and Grayson knows it!  Grayson is so convinced that John Q is his only barrier to congress, that he’s running ads against him–in the Republican primary!

Alan Grayson

That’s right. Grayson is so scared of facing John Q in November, that he’s attacking him now in hopes that he won’t get the nomination.  It may be because Q is of Puerto Rican descent like much of the district or because he has represented much of the district with distinction. Or maybe it’s because Grayson feels the other Republican candidate Todd Long is a weaker candidate that would be easier to attack because of past mistakes.  Regardless, Grayson has come out and all but declared John Q as the strongest Republican candidate in this race.

And Grayson isn’t the only one. Even our fellow patriots on the right over at hotair who  analyzed this race months ago believe (as Grayson and we at do) that John Q represents the GOP’s only hope to win this seat.

We Florida conservatives must do everything in our power to keep Grayson from embarrassing our state and tormenting us in Congress. This is one of those races that even we at would probably support a RINO in if it meant defeating this detestable leftist.

But thankfully, that is not the case here. Political pundits agree John “Q” Quiñones is the only Republican who can defeat Alan Grayson, AND he happens to be a verifiable conservative! For these reasons we encourage every Republican in Florida’s Ninth Congressional District to support #ReaganistaCertified John “Q” Quiñones on August14th.

**UPDATE 8/3/12**

Phony “TEA” party activist helping Alan Grayson (again) by supporting John Q’s primary opponent. Continue reading…

**UPDATE 8/7/12**

Alan Grayson running television ads against John Q with phony conservative talking points.  Don’t become an Alan Grayson useful idiot!  Vote for #ReaganistaCertified John Q!

For more information on John Q, or to contribute to his campaign to defeat the detestable leftist who goes by the name of Alan Grayson, visit his website at

10 thoughts on “John Q: The Conservative of Record to defeat leftist Alan Grayson

  1. I do love me some Alan Grayson…he tell it like it is. Go Alan!! down with tea party idiots.

  2. I don’t know what “research” you did on John Q’s record of raising taxes, but as a Puerto Rican conservative voter who has lived in what is now the 9th district my whole life, I have seen the effects of Quinones raising taxes all over the county.

    He has raised property taxes, drivers license fees, even taxes on emergency 911 services and churches!

    John Q is a RINO through and through. He is not the conservative voice we need in Washington.
    Alan Grayson’s assertion that John Q is “The Tax Man” is 100% correct.

    See for yourself what other taxes has has raised.

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  4. Quinones managed a shrinking budget; the county government was reduced by 20% under his tenure. He eliminated impact fees which tripled commercial building permits.

    If you think just anyone can win this district, I’ve got some oceanfront property outside Phoenix for you. Grayson is spending more than $25,000 just to eliminate Quinones in the primary-negative mail pieces were sent to Republicans BY GRAYSON. I’ll bet that earlier commenter is a Democrat because it’s exactly what they’re trying to do to get ANY OPPONENT BUT Q. And what will you get for it? This is just a taste:

    He’ll rip everyone else to shreds. Q is solid-the others don’t even have a record! They can say all sorts of things (that will be taken & twisted around) but what have they done?

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  6. John is the only man in the race that can raise the money and work the ground game hard enough to beat Alan Grayson. He has longstanding connections in the community and great name recognition. We are going to need someone who has the experience in tough races to go up against Grayson in November. It’s obvious internal polling at the Grayson campaign has identified who is going to win the republican primary and that is why they have started to run such misleading ads so early. They are obviously most afraid of John winning the primary. They played their cards wrong and republican primary voters should take advantage of that by voting for John.

  7. Todd Long can beat Grayson- he has polling showing that he can beat Grayson.

    The truth is, none of these conservatives are good. Julius Melendez is hands down the best and he has no shot.

    Quinones has been BAD for us in Osceola- he has not acted like a conservative at all!

    He HAS raised taxes on many things and he HAS raised property taxes 20%. I pay attention to my finances because I am a true conservative.

    Todd Long will win this primary and has a decent shot of beating Grayson- That is our best hope.

    Quinones is NOT a conservative and would be a step in the wrong direction for our Republican cause.

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