There’s something about Mary Collins

Mary Collins

Mary Collins

The day the corrupt lunatic and (former?) Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi was acquitted of federal charges last August he didn’t go home to spend time with his family after a long ordeal. Or go to church to thank God for the outcome of his case.

Instead, he dashed to Miami Lakes Town Hall with a gaggle of cameras in tow. He ran into the mayor’s office and council chambers, kissing his desk and sitting from chair to chair in what can only be described as a bizarre, low-class show of buffoonery before the news cameras.

He thought he was going to be reinstated mayor that day. But he wasn’t.

After he was indicted, Miami Lakes held a special election to fill the vacancy left by Pizzi’s suspension. The Town Charter clearly stipulates that an election to fill such a vacancy must be held if there is more than six months left in the mayor’s term. Wayne Slaton was therefore duly elected in that special election, and the Town, its council and attorney, as well as the governor consider consider him the mayor for the remainder of the term.

Needless to say, power-hungry corrupt lunatic Michael Pizzi wants his old job back, as well as his legal bills paid for by the Town’s taxpayers, which at this rate may exceed $1 million. So this week he filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court to be reinstated as mayor, which would nullify the election in which Wayne Slaton was duly elected.

Enter Mary Collins.

The lawsuit Pizzi filed against the Town of Miami Lakes names Mary Collins as his co-plaintiff.  In it, she alleges that as an “elector and resident” of Miami Lakes, she voted for Pizzi in 2012 with the intention that he serve a full, ,four-year term, and therefore wants him restored.

And that’s fine. It’s totally legal and there’s nothing that precludes him from naming her or any other Miami Lakes voter as a co-plaintiff to make this case.  This argument and others he and Collins make in the lawsuit may very well get Pizzi reinstated eventually, and although detestable, I do not blame Pizzi for pursuing every avenue. As a corrupt lunatic and egomaniac, he is doing exactly what he needs to do to fulfill that role. He is who he is.

However, Collins’ willingness to lend herself to this endeavor speaks volumes and reflects very poorly on her character and judgment.

Let’s recall that Collins–an octogenarian–has been involved in politics for decades. She has been a Republican Party Executive Committeewoman and State Committeewoman, a Miami-Dade County Commissioner and most recently a 14-year Miami Lakes Councilwoman.  She ran for reelction in 2012, but was defeated by current Councilman Manny Cid, whom we supported.  And the reason we did, as we’ve discussed, is because she was a rubber stamp for Pizzi during her last several years in office.

And while just about every decent South Florida elected official and Miami Lakes resident–including Miami Lakes councilmembers who once upon a time were Pizzi loyalists–have ran away from the now-toxic, corrupt lunatic Michael Pizzi, Mary Collins disgraces herself by embracing him.

pizzi handcuffs2

Michael Pizzi being hauled off by federal agents

Indeed, Pizzi was found “not guilty” as a matter of criminal law, but he is anything but innocent. This is a guy who was indicted for using his position as mayor and a municipal lawyer to push a deal he knew was bogus in exchange for money. He took an envelope stuffed with cigars and $2000 cash, and then claimed he left it in a public bathroom. On a separate occasion he took a bagman with him into a closet to secretly get paid his $3000 cash.  For this, and other several other things, he was charged with extortion and four counts of bribery.

Then there was the time back in 2010 when Pizzi was recorded by a former cop wearing a wire that he wanted to get rid of one of his political adversaries on the Town Council Richard Pulido by paying someone $100,000 to plant cocaine on him or sabotage the brakes on his car.

These are not the actions of a misunderstood person in wrong places at wrong times. These bizarre acts are a pattern of sociopathic behavior by a corrupt, egomaniacal lunatic who should never again be placed in a position of trust.

So I would like to ask Mary Collins, who I’m sure will read this: Why?

Why lend yourself to any effort that would restore a reprobate like Michael Pizzi to office? Even if you believe he is legally entitled to it, why assist such an effort? An obvious murderer getting off on a technicality or lack of evidence does not make him any less of a murderer. Likewise, given what he actually did, Michael Pizzi’s verdict does not make him any less corrupt. During his seven-week trial, he never contested the fact that he accepted those bribes or that he was using his official positions to obtain them., He merely claimed “entrapment.”

Mary, it pains me to write this because you and I have had a cordial relationship over the years. But honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself. You who had a public building in Miami Lakes designated in your honor by the very council members and Mayor Slaton you are now betraying.

Why would you jeopardize your legacy so late in life for someone so undeserving? Instead of being remembered for your years of public service and community activism you risk being remembered as a corrupt politician’s lackey. Very sad.

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