Reaganista.com is the intersection of philosophical conservatism and right-wing digital guerrilla warfare.  Here we aim to advance the cause of conservatism by fighting the leftists who assault our individual liberty and the putative conservatives or so-called Republicans who throw-in with those leftists whether they do so knowingly or as their useful idiots.

We believe that Republicans who act like Democrats have the potential to inflict more harm on the Republican Party brand and on conservatism than any single Democrat. Ronald Reagan knew this, and he dedicated much of his political career to fighting the establishment of the Republican Party which was largely dominated by the liberal Northeastern Rockefeller types. It took a few election cycles, but Ronald Reagan eventually defeated them, and went on to be the greatest Republican president of the 20th Century.

Florida is no different. A recent putative Republican governor used the R next to his name to confer the illusion of  mainstream bipartisan legitimacy on just about every leftist scheme imaginable. He crippled Florida’s economy, nearly destroyed the Republican Party of Florida, and disgraced himself and all those around him.  This is why we at Reaganista.com relentlessly exposed him as the fraud he always was until he was finally pushed out of the Republican Party by conservatives like Marco Rubio.  Good riddance.

But there are countless like him still out there, including right here in Florida. Reaganista.com continues to fight them and the leftists they scheme with.

We also promote those patriots who advance the cause of conservatism, courageously stand on principle, and speak the truth.  On rare occasions we may endorse and actively support those candidates who demonstrate a commitment to advancing the cause of conservatism with the full understanding that they too will be held accountable going forward.

Essentially, we support and heap praise on those who earn it; and likewise expose and condemn those who deserve it.

Reaganista.com is proud to have several contributing writers from all walks of life who may not always agree 100% on all issues, but wholeheartedly believe as the Founding Fathers did that individual liberty is God-given, and no government, ruler, or law has sovereignty over that which The Creator has given us.

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t see it that way. So if we can’t convince them, we’ll just defeat them.

Welcome to Reaganista.com!