Other Views: Disregard of veterans akin to treason

Last week I received a call from a woman heavily involved in veteran support groups.  She told me there was a veteran of the war in Iraq who suffered a bad car accident.  He was hospitalized and she asked me if I could stop by his room to keep him company as he was feeling lonely in the room.  I went to the hospital not knowing that my life was about to change.

Demario is an orphan who spent time with over 20 foster families throughout his childhood before joining the military at 18.  He bravely served 12 years before being shot four times in Iraq, which rendered the left side of his body paralyzed.

He was promptly served medical discharge papers, the military cut all ties, and a half paralyzed Demario was again alone in the world with no family, friends, or job–after over 10 combat deployments to just about every hell hole on Earth in defense of his country. Continue reading

Other Views: Why Women Are Voting Republican

A picture of me taken at a Romney rally in Apopka was featured in the October 16th edition of USAToday. The accompanying editorial titled, “Why Women Might Vote Republican” is valid. However, I felt Vanderkam’s point is a product of what I detail in my response.

Today’s women are not a voting block. A product of a successful women’s rights movement is having the luxury to vote on a variety of issues. While many women will undoubtedly support the Democrats in this and future elections, I expect many will also support the Republican nominee–and in record numbers. Why? Women are tired of laboring under feminist stereotypes perpetuated by a small faction of liberal demagogues whose archaic belief is that all women subscribe to a victim mentality that dictates contraception and abortion are paramount issues to female voters.

“Obama made sure to play up the Romney-Ryan stance on abortion. Democrats assume this is a losing issue for republicans among women.” Why would the Democrats think that travesty of a situation is a “winning issue”? There is an antiquated feminist movement within the Democrat party that dictates this “issue” be the only issue.

The classic struggle between the younger generations and the baby boomers is stark. The “Women’s Movement” puts ladies in a position where if they work and don’t stay home with their families or don’t have families, they are wrong and equally wrong if they stay home and do not work. The pressure to conform to a split societal norm creates a wedge issue from which demagogues feed. President Obama exploiting this wedge reeks of desperation, not successful leadership.

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Other Views: Conservatives Celebrate Reaganista’s Birthday at GOP Convention in Tampa

20120827-155300.jpgI made my way down from Tallahassee to Tampa on Sunday, August 26 for the Republican National Convention and the many surrounding events. This was a fitting day for tens of thousands of conservative patriots and the entire political universe to descend on Florida for August 26 is the birthday of my good friend, Christian Cámara aka Reaganista.

My colleague Joe Russo and I ran into Christian randomly at a barbecue joint in Chiefland, Florida, half way down to Tampa. Later in the evening we joined Reaganista at the Convention Welcome Reception held at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg (on the field where the Tampa Bay Rays play). Christian was able to celebrate his birthday with Republican delegates from every state in our union. Continue reading

Other Views: A personal perspective on Congresswoman Sandy Adams

A lot of people have asked me why I have chosen to volunteer my time to the Sandy Adams for Congress race and the answer to that is simple, Sandy is the real deal.

I met sandy over 10 years ago while I was still a high school senior at Trinity Prep in Winter Park. I had already become active in the political process volunteering my time on campaigns and as a result was attending Republican Executive Commtitee meetings, Young Republican Club socials, and Republican Women’s Club lunches.

Sandy was the featured speaker at the Orlando Women’s Club for her then-race for State House District 33, and since I lived in the district I wanted to go hear her speak. I brought my mom, Gilda, with me. We listened to Sandy and we were so moved by her story.

We listened as she explained her desire to serve our country by joining the Air Force and meeting her husband. How she left that abusive marriage to protect her daughter. She had to work several jobs to make ends meet. Determined, she put herself through police academy to serve as a deputy sheriff. Continue reading

Other Views: Appreciating Chick-Fil-A and the American Way

The Left certainly knows how to politicize things.  After all, they have even politicized the weather.  Any time it’s too hot outside, we’re told it’s due to man-made “global warming.”  Then in the winter, when it’s too cold, we’re told it’s “climate change.”  In recent weeks, some on the Left have even gone so far as to politicize my lunch option.  How dare I eat the pure deliciousness of a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich? Don’t I know that Chick-Fil-A hates homosexuals? (They don’t, but this is the talking point).

Today, I was proud to stand in line a few minutes longer and bear a bit more traffic to get to the home of the original chicken sandwich.  Like millions of other Americans, I turned out for what has been dubbed “Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day.”  This wasn’t even an organized effort – certainly not by the company.  In the face of constant political attacks on this successful American business, one former elected official (Mike Huckabee) suggested we might all just go to Chick-Fil-A the same day and show our support.  Word spread and everyone decided August 1 would be that day.  So, we went.

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