Florida League of Women Voters becomes travel agency for Castro regime

Segment of League Promo Video

Segment of League Promo Video

Yesterday one of my Twitter followers alerted me to the fact that the League of Women Voters Florida Chapter was visiting Cuba this week.  While I had heard that they had indeed visited Cuba in the past, I figured it was a one-time thing they did as some sort of civics outreach project.  I was wrong. So I decided to go ahead and dig a little deeper into their activities, and what I found was downright shocking and outrageous. Apparently, the League of Women Voters, which fancies itself a voting rights group, among other things, has organized multiple “delegation trips” to the Communist island since 2011 after Obama legalized so-called “person-to-person” travel. Traveling to Cuba under this system involves arrangements with U.S. and Cuban government-authorized operators and strict schedules of “educational” and “cultural” activities that are organized and led by Cuban government-approved tour guides. This is evident by the very videos, online brochures and other information that the League of Women Voters Florida has put out to promote these trips.  A promo video released just three days ago by the League’s official YouTube account includes pictures of beautiful Cuban scenery, happy natives, impressive old buildings (built before Castro, of course), classic cars (American, and before Castro, of course) various tourist spots, smiling children in communist pioneer uniforms, and several images glorifying Communist butcher Che Guevara. Missing were pictures of dilapidated buildings, gulags, empty grocery store shelves, beaten dissidents, ration cards and food lines. I guess the tour guides didn’t take them to where the regular natives live.  Oh, but the video does end with a web link to instructions on how to visit Cuba. Here’s the promo video: Continue reading

The Party’s Just Begun

party switch

I’m switching to Democrat–For the People

It is no secret that for at least the past eight years, I have been exposing Charlie Crist as utterly unprincipled, opportunistic, and corrupt.

My belief that he was a menace even compelled me to privately vote against him in the 2006 General Election, which marked the first time I had ever voted for a Democrat in a major election, or perhaps ever.

For the first few years of his administration, I and a small group of principled activists in the Republican Party openly criticized Charlie Crist and his minions like Jim Greer and other bootlickers  for running amok and personally profiting off their mutual mischief and were exiled from our party for doing so.

Our issue was not necessarily Crist’s public policy pursuits–although the disagreements were numerous–or his incessant pandering, or even his countless flip-flops.  Our main objection to Crist was what he was doing with the instrumentalities under his direct control.  That is, the irresponsibility with which he conducted himself as head of Florida state government and titular head of the Republican Party. Continue reading

Dolphins owner who sought taxpayer subsidy dishes out $200 million for his alma mater

stephenrossMy friend Will Patrick over at Florida Watchdog has uncovered an interesting little story that might raise a few eyebrows in Tallahassee.  Stephen Ross, owner of the perpetually-disappointing NFL team Miami Dolphins recently gave a $200 million gift to his alma mater the University of Michigan for capital improvements to the–you guessed it–Stephen M. Ross Business School and Stephen M. Ross Athletic Campus. 

I for one do not begrudge him or anyone else for giving personal, hard-earned money away to causes they care about, especially if it was not compelled by a bunch of hack politicians who are generous with other people’s money through their tax-and-spend policies.

What’s is irritating about this situation is that only months ago he hired a team of lobbyists to come to Tallahassee to urge the Legislature to appropriate hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to renovate the Miami Dolphins’ Joe Robbie Stadium (or whatever it’s called this week).

So let’s get this straight. He comes to Tallahassee demanding that taxpayers fund multimillion renovations to his privately-owned stadium, but then he goes off and gives $200 million of his own personal money to a public, taxpayer-subsidized university?

Vaya, hay que tener gandinga.

If you’re not indignant enough already, check out the full Florida Watchdog piece here.

The Obama Foreign Policy: Doubling Down on Carter’s Double Standard


This week, the political cinder box that Egypt has been since the 2011 departure of its longtime autocrat president Hosni Mubarak reached a fever pitch.  Having stepped down as a result of the so-called “Arab Spring” demonstrations that spread to Egypt in early 2011, Mubarak was eventually replaced by Mohamed Morsi after the country held its first-ever democratic presidential election in 2012.

Morsi’s ascendance troubled many western observers as he belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood, an oftentimes violent movement with links to terrorist activities that seeks to install Islamic Sharia law as the basis for political and societal affairs. Despite his democratic election and moderate image, he quickly moved to adopt a new constitution, which included enshrining Islamic law. He also vowed to release Omar Abdel-Rahman, the terrorist behind the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing.

In November 2012, Morsi issued a declaration that would have essentially immunized his actions from any legal challenge and would have granted him near unchecked power. This declaration was condemned by organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, and it sparked more mass protests and resignations from government officials. Despite limiting and eventually annulling his decree under pressure, mass protests continued and the Egyptian military eventually deposed him in July of this year. Continue reading

BREAKING: Miami Lakes Mayor Pizzi ARRESTED

pizzi handcuffsPer the Miami Herald, Miami Lakes mayor Michael Pizzi–a usual focus of our scorn here on Reaganista.com–has been arrested by the FBI on bribery charges.

I guess next month’s fight has been canceled.

Also busted in the bribery investigation by the feds was City of Sweetwater Mayor Manny Maroño, which came as a surprise to us here on Reaganista.com.

Both men are expected to have their first appearances in federal court later this afternoon.

Because they are being charged with felonies, their removal from office should be automatic. Nevertheless, the announcement that Governor Rick Scott has removed them should be forthcoming.

It is worth noting that Manny Maroño’s departure from the South Florida political scene is a big hit to Governor Scott. Maroño was one of Scott’s earliest and most ardent supporters during his 2010 primary race for governor, which means Scott has now lost probably his greatest ally in Miami-Dade County.

The story is undoubtedly developing, and I will report back with more details as they surface.

** UPDATE 3:30 P.M. **

Here is a video of Mayor Pizzi being taken out of Miami Lakes Town Hall in handcuffs: Continue reading