Comment and Posting policy does not require prior registration in order to post comments. However, because blog posts and comments are open to the public and in order to assure the site’s continued achievement of its purposes, this site has rules.
The rules are as follows, and apply both to the comments and posts on this site:

  1. Lewdness is not allowed. Posting or linking to disturbing and/or pornographic images is strictly prohibited on the site.
  2. Statements that are libelous against any individual, company, group, or other entity are not allowed.
  3. Posting personal information about someone including, but not limited to a person’s address, telephone number, or any other identifying information without that person’s consent is not allowed.
  4. Namecalling and personal attacks directed at bloggers, contributors, and those who comment on the site are not allowed.
  5. Statements known to be false or contain a false attribution are not allowed
  6. Following a user on the site to abuse, harass, or disrupt is not allowed.
  7. Impersonating anyone–including elected officials–without their consent is strictly prohibited.
  8. It is forbidden to single out a user for abuse or harassment for any reason, including being new to the site, being suspected of breaking site rules, or for supporting a particular position or candidate for office.
  9. Off-topic commenting for the purpose of disruption is not allowed; repetitive commenting that is disruptive is likewise prohibited.
  10. Promotion of certain theories and ideas contrary to our site principles is not owed. These ideas include, but are not limited to:
    • Discrediting of opinions based on one’s service in the military, or lack thereof, commonly known as “Chickenhawking.”
    • Violent Jihad.
    • The violent overthrow of the United States Government.
    • Racism, and particularly theories of superiority or inferiority, racist stereotyping, and the use of racist epithets.
    • Personal, non-policy attacks on Ronald Reagan.
    • Glorification of detestable ideologies such as Communism and Nazism and their leaders.
  11. Generalized attacks on mainstream, peaceful religious beliefs and practices are forbidden.
  12. Blasphemy against Christianity and Judaism is prohibited on this site.

If you suspect that a user is breaking site rules or is otherwise using in an inappropriate manner, contact the site at