Crist’s pick of running mate a sign of weakness, hubris

CristTaddeoI know I haven’t written here in a while, and that’s because I actually have a life outside of airing my frustrations and smiting my political enemies.

That being said, I figured I’d go ahead and offer my $0.02 about Charlie Crist’s latest antic (they’re all antics, right?).

Giving the media and interested parties only a 4-hour notice, the Charlie Crist campaign cobbled together a press event in Miami yesterday to make what they characterized as an “important announcement.”  It was for Crist to introduce his running mate Annette Taddeo-Goldstein.

Reviews of his pick have been mixed. Some believe it was “solid,” others not so much. Regardless of that, what is striking is the timing. Continue reading

Charlie “No Labels” Crist endorses nation’s most divisive partisan for congress

No Labels” spokesman and backstabber Charlie Crist appeared on MSNBC this morning to talk about the elections and other drivel.

As part of his ongoing mission to suck up to Democrats, he blasted the GOP-dominated legislature for passing an election law that “makes it harder for my mother to vote” because she has to sign her name (which has always been a requirement to vote in Florida).

But his most entertaining bit this morning was his endorsement of the most vitriolic, divisive, mean-spirited congressman to ever disgrace the halls of the US Capitol. Continue reading

Charlie Crist hopes Democrats are dumber than Republicans

If Florida politics is a joke, Charlie Crist is its punchline. Except, right when you think the punchline is finally over, it just gets more outrageous.

As has been widely reported, Florida’s former Republican governor, turned independent loser candidate, turned ambulance chaser spokesman Charlie Crist will address the Democratic National Convention tonight. News of this came after his endorsement of Barack Obama last week just days before the Republican National Convention kicked off in his own back yard.

Clearly, Florida’s do-nothing governor and perpetual candidate Charlie Crist is hoping Democrats are dumber than Republicans by welcoming him into their fold. Continue reading

Akin’s ambition greater than America

Those who read this blog regularly know that we at have no qualms about holding our own accountable and our utter contempt for those we consider backstabbers.

We have even dedicated an entire section we call the “Backstabbers Corner” where we showcase those we have branded as such since the blog was launched and why they have joined political reprobates like the Backstabber Charlie Crist in earning such an unenviable designation.

In it, we describe backstabbers as:

…those who have committed some act of  treachery or another that in our opinion makes them a backstabber.  This can be anything from selling out principles, betraying friends, family, supporters and the party, to lying, snitching, or outright sedition.

We add RINOs, Democrats, and other such malcontents to this list as they arise. However, we have never added someone we deem an actual conservative until now. Continue reading

Alex DLP: the hardball conservative choice for HD-112 (and he’s not a chivato!)

It’s difficult sometimes to endorse a candidate when his opponent is a decent, honorable person. Such was the case when we at recently urged our readers to support Jeff Brandes over Jim Frishe–Brandes in our estimation is more conservative, but we recognize that both he and Frishe are all-around good, decent guys.

But then there are races where one of the candidates is so unsavory due to both politics and personality, that it makes endorsing his or her opponent a lot more fun. Such is the case in the GOP primary for Florida’s House District 112, pitting former Senator Alex Diaz de la Portilla against former Representative and all-around detestable backstabber chivato Gus Barreiro. Continue reading