Crist’s pick of running mate a sign of weakness, hubris

CristTaddeoI know I haven’t written here in a while, and that’s because I actually have a life outside of airing my frustrations and smiting my political enemies.

That being said, I figured I’d go ahead and offer my $0.02 about Charlie Crist’s latest antic (they’re all antics, right?).

Giving the media and interested parties only a 4-hour notice, the Charlie Crist campaign cobbled together a press event in Miami yesterday to make what they characterized as an “important announcement.”  It was for Crist to introduce his running mate Annette Taddeo-Goldstein.

Reviews of his pick have been mixed. Some believe it was “solid,” others not so much. Regardless of that, what is striking is the timing. Continue reading

The Party’s Just Begun

party switch

I’m switching to Democrat–For the People

It is no secret that for at least the past eight years, I have been exposing Charlie Crist as utterly unprincipled, opportunistic, and corrupt.

My belief that he was a menace even compelled me to privately vote against him in the 2006 General Election, which marked the first time I had ever voted for a Democrat in a major election, or perhaps ever.

For the first few years of his administration, I and a small group of principled activists in the Republican Party openly criticized Charlie Crist and his minions like Jim Greer and other bootlickers  for running amok and personally profiting off their mutual mischief and were exiled from our party for doing so.

Our issue was not necessarily Crist’s public policy pursuits–although the disagreements were numerous–or his incessant pandering, or even his countless flip-flops.  Our main objection to Crist was what he was doing with the instrumentalities under his direct control.  That is, the irresponsibility with which he conducted himself as head of Florida state government and titular head of the Republican Party. Continue reading

Charlie Crist exposes the Louisiana Democratic Party’s hypocrisy

imageLouisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory recently surprised many of his colleagues and political observers when he left the Democrat party, becoming the first black Republican in the Louisiana State Legislature since Reconstruction.

He very eloquently explained his party switch in a YouTube video that has since gone viral. We at Reaganista salute him for what appears to be a principled decision and encourage you to check out his video.

Needless to say, this has not sat well with the Louisiana Democrat Party. Its executive director Stephen Handwerk called Senator Guillory’s decision to switch parties “a craven display of political opportunism,” and called on him to resign his senate seat. They are apparently upset that he he decided to bolt the party under whose banner he ran and made a career for himself.

Sound familiar? Continue reading

Ghost of Charlie Crist haunts upcoming session

It has been over two years since the adults regained control of Florida’s helm, yet the specter of the Charlie Crist days of demagoguery, populism-at-any-cost, and overall political buffoonery looms heavy over the state Capitol.

The idea that Charlie Crist wants to make a political comeback and pursue the office he once held—and neglected then abandoned in order to run for two other offices—has become common knowledge throughout Tallahassee.

The ambulance-chasing trial lawyer firm he works for does everything it can to promote him, including feature him on television ads and countless billboards across the state. He continues to chase photo-ops, pen op-eds, and do anything else he can to offer unsolicited pontifications on any political issue.

If there is an accelerated program that confers Democrat bona fides on someone, Charlie Crist has graduated from it with honors: as a newly-minted independent, he formally supported several Democrat office-seekers in 2012 (including backstabbing former allies), endorsed Barack Obama, was featured as an “independent” speaker at the Democratic National Convention, switched his party affiliation to Democrat after fulfilling the token “independent for Obama” role, and immediately following the Newtown, CT massacre, joined the chorus of Democrats calling for gun control, which is a far cry from his strong pro-Second Amendment record that earned him an A-Rating with the NRA.

This appears to complete his two-year political metamorphosis, which makes him ripe for a possible comeback as a Democrat.

And Legislators are aware of this. Continue reading

What would Reagan do…with his dog?

Just when you think you’ve entered an alternate universe after actually reading a positive fluff piece on Florida Governor Rick Scott in a Florida newspaper (in this case, a profile on First Lady Ann Scott in the Tampa Bay Times), you are quickly–within 24 hours–returned to reality with a ridiculous hit piece against him in the very same newspaper.

Such was the case this morning when veteran Tallahassee reporter Lucy Morgan–who apparently defines the word “retirement” as Cher does–published an article about Governor Rick Scott returning his adopted dog.

According to her article, the governor adopted a yellow Labrador Retriever from a shelter
before the 2010 general election who supporters named “Reagan.”  But shortly after moving into the Governor’s Mansion, the dog was returned to whence it came.

In fairness to Lucy Morgan, she does detail how the dog became an annoyance and threatening to mansion staff and others to the point of being disruptive, which is why he was eventually given back to the shelter.

However, the article serves no useful informational purpose other than to open the governor up to needless ridicule and sound byte attacks of heartlessness by his critics. Continue reading