National Geographic: Reagan would beat Obama in modern-day election

National Geographic recently conducted a survey ahead of an 80s documentary miniseries whose results should come as no surprise to us conservatives and other regular Americans:

If an election were held today between Nobel Prize Laureate Barack Obama and the Man who actually helped liberate hundreds of millions of people from the shackles of tyranny by winning the Cold War, the latter guy would win. Continue reading

Remembering “Tear Down This Wall” speech 25 years later

25 years ago today, the 20th Century’s greatest American President visited Berlin and gave one of the most memorable speeches of my generation.

Ronald Reagan’s own advisers begged him not to deliver the now-cherished words, but he did anyway. He essentially told Soviet Primier Gorbachev to put his rubles where his mouth is and “Tear down this wall,” if he truly sought peace. Today those four words are the most famous of the Reagan presidency. Continue reading