Solving the ‘conservative vs. libertarian’ problem

One of the topics discussed at the most recent BlogCon gathering in Dallas was how allies on the right–namely self-identified conservatives and libertarians–can unify, better collaborate and basically get along better on political and even personal levels.

This generated one of the most passionate–albeit friendly–debates of the conference. And although I didn’t chime in at the time, it got me thinking.

As a conservative, I have no problem befriending and collaborating with my fellow right-wingers of the libertarian persuasion, and consider many of them personal friends outside of politics.

It was Ronald Reagan who stated, “I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.” Continue reading

FreedomWorks’ FreePAC comes to Florida!

Thousands of Florida conservative activists and volunteers are gathered today at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee for FreedomWorks’ FreePAC Florida conference.

FreedomWorks is a conservative, free-market advocacy organization that trains and mobilizes patriots nationwide to advance the cause of liberty and America’s founding principles.  We Floridians especially owe them a debt of gratitude for diving into the GOP Florida Senate Primary in 2010 and endorsing Marco Rubio when few thought he had the resources or momentum to defeat the sitting backstabber governor Charlie Crist.  As such, it is a pleasure to be here today mixing and mingling with my fellow patriots and lending my support to an organization that has done so much good around the country, and especially here in Florida.

The conference began today at 4pm and speakers include Judge Andrew Napolitano, Congressman Connie Mack, Trey Radel, Deneen Borelli, Matt Kibbe, and Glen Beck, who will end with a keynote address to the conference. If you are in the Central Florida area, I encourage you to come out. If not, feel free to watch the live stream I have embedded below, which can also be viewed on the FreedomWorks website.

Live stream videos at Ustream

Other Views: Why Women Are Voting Republican

A picture of me taken at a Romney rally in Apopka was featured in the October 16th edition of USAToday. The accompanying editorial titled, “Why Women Might Vote Republican” is valid. However, I felt Vanderkam’s point is a product of what I detail in my response.

Today’s women are not a voting block. A product of a successful women’s rights movement is having the luxury to vote on a variety of issues. While many women will undoubtedly support the Democrats in this and future elections, I expect many will also support the Republican nominee–and in record numbers. Why? Women are tired of laboring under feminist stereotypes perpetuated by a small faction of liberal demagogues whose archaic belief is that all women subscribe to a victim mentality that dictates contraception and abortion are paramount issues to female voters.

“Obama made sure to play up the Romney-Ryan stance on abortion. Democrats assume this is a losing issue for republicans among women.” Why would the Democrats think that travesty of a situation is a “winning issue”? There is an antiquated feminist movement within the Democrat party that dictates this “issue” be the only issue.

The classic struggle between the younger generations and the baby boomers is stark. The “Women’s Movement” puts ladies in a position where if they work and don’t stay home with their families or don’t have families, they are wrong and equally wrong if they stay home and do not work. The pressure to conform to a split societal norm creates a wedge issue from which demagogues feed. President Obama exploiting this wedge reeks of desperation, not successful leadership.

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Akin’s ambition greater than America

Those who read this blog regularly know that we at have no qualms about holding our own accountable and our utter contempt for those we consider backstabbers.

We have even dedicated an entire section we call the “Backstabbers Corner” where we showcase those we have branded as such since the blog was launched and why they have joined political reprobates like the Backstabber Charlie Crist in earning such an unenviable designation.

In it, we describe backstabbers as:

…those who have committed some act of  treachery or another that in our opinion makes them a backstabber.  This can be anything from selling out principles, betraying friends, family, supporters and the party, to lying, snitching, or outright sedition.

We add RINOs, Democrats, and other such malcontents to this list as they arise. However, we have never added someone we deem an actual conservative until now. Continue reading

Phony “TEA” Party Activist and convicted criminal helping leftist Alan Grayson (again)?

As I wrote a few days ago, the GOP primary race for Congressional District 9 is probably the most important of all primaries in Florida because it will almost definitely determine if the detestable shrill leftist bigmouth Alan Grayson makes a return to congress.  Most political pundits living in reality acknowledge that conservative Republican candidate John “Q” Quiñones is the Republican Party’s only hope to defeat Grayson in November. Grayson also knows it, which is why he has taken the unusual step of openly attacking John Q in the GOP Primary a lo descarado in hopes that he won’t be the Republican he squares off with in November.

One person actively campaigning against John Q is not once, but twice convicted criminal and phony Tea Party “activist” that goes by the name of Doug Guetzloe.  The guy’s an overall shyster who among other things has been accused of using the Florida “TEA Party” name to undermine conservative candidates. Continue reading