Daily Kos endorses Florida’s Perpetual Loser Candidate

Today the cesspool of leftist sludge that goes by the name of Daily Kos endorsed detestable bigmouth and Florida’s Perpetual Loser Candidate Joe Garcia for Florida’s 26th Congressional District.

This is the same guy that has already run for the same office twice and was smacked nasty style both times, first by Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart in 2008, and most recently by Congressman David Rivera in 2010.  Perpetual Loser Candidate Joe seems to think a third time’s the charm.

Perpetual Loser Candidate Joe is a shrill leftist who can best be characterized as a putative Cuban version of Alan Grayson. The Cuban exile community largely despises him and views him as a backstabber who is not only soft on Cuba, but has made a career and a livelihood off the Cuban struggle–with nothing to show for it, other than political and financial self enrichment. Continue reading

Taxpayer Funded Trips to Cuba? ¡No más!

The United States Supreme Court yesterday declared that it would not consider a challenge to a 2006 Florida law that prohibits a state university or community college from using state funds to sponsor travel to countries designated by the US State Department as sponsors of terrorism. Countries on that list include Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Cuba, which was the impetus for the law.

Because the 11th Circuit Court upheld the law, their ruling stands, and therefore so does the law.

This is a huge victory for Congressman David Rivera (R-Florida) who as a Florida State Representative in 2006  introduced the legislation shortly after a Florida International University professor and his wife were discovered to be spies for the Cuban government. The husband and wife duo was subsequently sentenced to five and three years in prison, respectively–a soft sentence, in my opinion. Personally, I’d have executed them. #thatsrightisaidit

But I digress… Continue reading