Florida League of Women Voters becomes travel agency for Castro regime

Segment of League Promo Video

Segment of League Promo Video

Yesterday one of my Twitter followers alerted me to the fact that the League of Women Voters Florida Chapter was visiting Cuba this week.  While I had heard that they had indeed visited Cuba in the past, I figured it was a one-time thing they did as some sort of civics outreach project.  I was wrong. So I decided to go ahead and dig a little deeper into their activities, and what I found was downright shocking and outrageous. Apparently, the League of Women Voters, which fancies itself a voting rights group, among other things, has organized multiple “delegation trips” to the Communist island since 2011 after Obama legalized so-called “person-to-person” travel. Traveling to Cuba under this system involves arrangements with U.S. and Cuban government-authorized operators and strict schedules of “educational” and “cultural” activities that are organized and led by Cuban government-approved tour guides. This is evident by the very videos, online brochures and other information that the League of Women Voters Florida has put out to promote these trips.  A promo video released just three days ago by the League’s official YouTube account includes pictures of beautiful Cuban scenery, happy natives, impressive old buildings (built before Castro, of course), classic cars (American, and before Castro, of course) various tourist spots, smiling children in communist pioneer uniforms, and several images glorifying Communist butcher Che Guevara. Missing were pictures of dilapidated buildings, gulags, empty grocery store shelves, beaten dissidents, ration cards and food lines. I guess the tour guides didn’t take them to where the regular natives live.  Oh, but the video does end with a web link to instructions on how to visit Cuba. Here’s the promo video: Continue reading

Castro’s med school used as indoctrination tool inside and outside Cuba

When Florida state legislators Senator Rene(cito) García (R-Hialeah) and Represenatative Manny “El Bueno” Díaz (R-Miami Lakes) each filed legislation in their respective chambers that would prohibit graduates of Cuban medical schools from practicing medicine in Florida, my initial reaction was to commend them (I always encourage anything that kicks the Castro regime in the teeth).

That being said, I also decided to dig a little deeper to investigate where they were coming from.

But before I get into that, here is a summary of their proposed legislation: Continue reading

Daily Kos endorses Florida’s Perpetual Loser Candidate

Today the cesspool of leftist sludge that goes by the name of Daily Kos endorsed detestable bigmouth and Florida’s Perpetual Loser Candidate Joe Garcia for Florida’s 26th Congressional District.

This is the same guy that has already run for the same office twice and was smacked nasty style both times, first by Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart in 2008, and most recently by Congressman David Rivera in 2010.  Perpetual Loser Candidate Joe seems to think a third time’s the charm.

Perpetual Loser Candidate Joe is a shrill leftist who can best be characterized as a putative Cuban version of Alan Grayson. The Cuban exile community largely despises him and views him as a backstabber who is not only soft on Cuba, but has made a career and a livelihood off the Cuban struggle–with nothing to show for it, other than political and financial self enrichment. Continue reading

Rubio exposes Castro agent sent to monitor Senate testimony

Meet Rodney Gonzalez. This is the Cuban agent sent by the Castro regime to monitor the testimonies by Cuban dissidents who are reporting their persecution to United States Senators.

Minutes ago, Senator Marco Rubio tweeted his picture for the world to see:

Rodney Gonzalez was #Castro official sent to #senate to monitor testimony of dissident later beaten & jailed in #Cuba

Continue reading

Apartheid South Africa Kills Nelson Mandela!

How would the world react to such a headline if South Africa’s unjust apartheid system were still in effect today? How and to what extent would the mainstream media report this news? What would the United Nations say? How about the United States administration or congress?

Well, obviously that did not happen. South Africa eventually transitioned into a Democracy, Nelson Mandela was freed, and he even served as president of the nation that once imprisoned him.

Although South Africans deserve a great deal of credit for the democratization if their country, there is little doubt that international efforts aided in that transition.

The United States, for example, passed the Comprehensive Antiapartheid Act. The legislation was an embargo of sorts that banned trade and investments in South Africa as a punitive measure against the government’s unjust institutional racism. Direct flights between South Africa and the United States were also banned.

Sound familiar?

It should. The embargo that resulted from the United States Comprehensive Antiapartheid Act is very similar to the Cuban embargo.

The Antiapartheid Act was controversial at the time, since the United States was embroiled in a Cold War, and although it was an unjust regime, the Apartheid government was generally anti-Soviet. Regardless, the embargo legislation passed with support from both sides, especially from the Congressional Black Caucus. And rightfully so.

Yet today, most if not all the members of the congressional black caucus deride the Cuban embargo as unjust and want to see it lifted. Others in congress do, too.

They call for closer economic and diplomatic ties with the Cuban government as it commits acts eerily similar to the fake Mandela headline above.

Case in point: a few days ago, a Cuban political prisoner, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, was allowed to die when he went on a hunger strike to protest the repeated beatings and other blatant abuses by Castro’s thug prison guards.

According to reports, the black Cuban was denied liquids by his captors as a punitive measure for daring to go on a hunger strike, and in the ultimate act of cruelty, his family was denied the opportunity to visit him during his final days.

After his death, supporters and friends were forbidden from paying their last respects at his funeral.

Meanwhile, nowhere outside Miami has the mainstream media reported this, the Castro-friendly Congressional Black Caucus and other congressional so-called “leaders” continue calling for the lift of the embargo on Cuba, and countless other political prisoners, including the black doctor Oscar Elias Biscet, continue rotting in Soviet-style Cuban gulags–not in some faraway continent, but in our very own. 90 miles away.