Phony “TEA” Party Activist and convicted criminal helping leftist Alan Grayson (again)?

As I wrote a few days ago, the GOP primary race for Congressional District 9 is probably the most important of all primaries in Florida because it will almost definitely determine if the detestable shrill leftist bigmouth Alan Grayson makes a return to congress.  Most political pundits living in reality acknowledge that conservative Republican candidate John “Q” Quiñones is the Republican Party’s only hope to defeat Grayson in November. Grayson also knows it, which is why he has taken the unusual step of openly attacking John Q in the GOP Primary a lo descarado in hopes that he won’t be the Republican he squares off with in November.

One person actively campaigning against John Q is not once, but twice convicted criminal and phony Tea Party “activist” that goes by the name of Doug Guetzloe.  The guy’s an overall shyster who among other things has been accused of using the Florida “TEA Party” name to undermine conservative candidates. Continue reading

Gus “El Chivatón” Barreiro misleads senior citizens about conservative bona fides

This week Gus “El Chivatón” Barreiro dropped a seemingly positive mail piece in Spanish to senior citizens in the State House district he seeks to represent (pictured below).

It features pictures of prominent Republicans–Senator Marco Rubio, former Governor Jeb Bush, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney–with bold text that declares: “Gustavo Barreiro SUPPORTS our Republican leaders.

Note how he uses his full, more Spanish-sounding name “Gustavo” instead of “Gus” in a Spanish mailing…but I digress. Continue reading

John Q: The Conservative of Record to defeat leftist Alan Grayson

Every conservative in Florida needs to care about the GOP primary race for the newly-drawn Congressional seat in Central Florida. Why? Because whoever Republicans in that district nominate will likely determine if the most vitriolic shrill leftist bigmouth to ever serve in congress returns to torment us for another term.  I’m referring, of course, to the detestable Alan Grayson.

As you may recall, Grayson was elected in 2008 and then was defeated in 2010 by Congressman and patriot Dan Webster after serving only one term.  But a humiliating defeat two years ago isn’t keeping him away.

Now he wants to run for the newly-drawn Congressional District 9 seat that encompasses Osceola County (Kissimmee and surrounding areas) and parts of Polk and Orange.  The district is largely comprised of Puerto Ricans, who lean–although not blindly or overwhelmingly–Democrat.  As such, Grayson would stand a decent shot at being elected to this seat if we nominate the wrong person. Continue reading

Alex DLP: the hardball conservative choice for HD-112 (and he’s not a chivato!)

It’s difficult sometimes to endorse a candidate when his opponent is a decent, honorable person. Such was the case when we at recently urged our readers to support Jeff Brandes over Jim Frishe–Brandes in our estimation is more conservative, but we recognize that both he and Frishe are all-around good, decent guys.

But then there are races where one of the candidates is so unsavory due to both politics and personality, that it makes endorsing his or her opponent a lot more fun. Such is the case in the GOP primary for Florida’s House District 112, pitting former Senator Alex Diaz de la Portilla against former Representative and all-around detestable backstabber chivato Gus Barreiro. Continue reading

The Florida Senate needs courageous conservatives like Jeff Brandes

It’s been said up here in Tallahassee that too many good, conservative bills go off to die in the Florida Senate.  This is true in many cases, despite Republican control for over a decade.

When I moved up to Florida’s capital back in 2006 I quickly noticed that the Florida Senate not only claims the lives of good bills, but also seemingly good conservatives.  For whatever reason, there has been a tendency by many legislators who usually voted the right way during their service in the Florida House of Representatives to get elected to the state Senate only to throw in with the leftists and RINOs on several important issues.  It’s almost as if they undergo some kind of RINOmorphosis. Some attribute this to greater flexibility and independence that the Senate as an institution provides its members as opposed to the House where those in leadership have greater influence over the body.

I just call it not being principled enough, but I digress.

Whatever the reason, we conservatives need to elect those who will stay true to the conservative principles they run on. Occasionally, it is difficult to identify the solid ones from the squishes, but when we do, we need to rally around them. Continue reading