Florida town seeks to regulate yard work

lawnmower(Updated 7/10/2013 below original post)

Miami Lakes, Florida Councilman Tony Lama has added an item to his town’s next Council Meeting agenda called “Lake Water Quality – Landscaper Registration.”

Per Councilman Lama’s memorandum, landscapers have been inflicting damage on the town’s waterways by fertilizing close to shore lines and disposing of grass clippings in lakes and the street drains that discharge into lakes.

His solution, which was approved unanimously by the town’s Neighborhood Improvement Committee that he chairs and votes in, would call for citywide landscaper licensing and registration.

If the concept is ultimately approved and codified as a town ordinance, it would: Continue reading

Citizens Insurance elects new president–why Floridians should care

Florida Citizens Property Insurance Corporation’s board hired a new president yesterday.

Who cares, right?

Well, if you’re a Floridian who owns or rents a house or apartment, drives a car, owns a boat, or owns a business, you should care.  Everyone else may utter a collective “meh” and read something else.

For those of you still reading, Continue reading