Democrat Congressional staffer under investigation for voter fraud still collecting paycheck

Politics truly epitomizes poetic justice.

Here you have the smug, self-righteous and all-around detestable perpetual candidate named Joe Garcia whose signature campaign theme in 2012 was that he was not the allegedly corrupt incumbent he was running against.

But now we know that the entire time perpetual candidate Joe Garcia was running around throwing stones at his opponent, he was doing so from his very own glass house.

As the Miami Herald and several others reported late last week, it has become evident that Joe Garcia’s top (and closest) campaign staffers were allegedly engaged in a sophisticated voter fraud operation that involved hacking into the Miami-Dade County Supervisor of Elections internal servers to generate thousands of absentee ballot requests to be used in that 2012 congressional race.

Make no mistake: this is worse than the case surrounding the recent arrests made in connection to the Hialeah absentee ballot fraud scandal. Continue reading

Daily Kos endorses Florida’s Perpetual Loser Candidate

Today the cesspool of leftist sludge that goes by the name of Daily Kos endorsed detestable bigmouth and Florida’s Perpetual Loser Candidate Joe Garcia for Florida’s 26th Congressional District.

This is the same guy that has already run for the same office twice and was smacked nasty style both times, first by Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart in 2008, and most recently by Congressman David Rivera in 2010.  Perpetual Loser Candidate Joe seems to think a third time’s the charm.

Perpetual Loser Candidate Joe is a shrill leftist who can best be characterized as a putative Cuban version of Alan Grayson. The Cuban exile community largely despises him and views him as a backstabber who is not only soft on Cuba, but has made a career and a livelihood off the Cuban struggle–with nothing to show for it, other than political and financial self enrichment. Continue reading