Castro’s med school used as indoctrination tool inside and outside Cuba

When Florida state legislators Senator Rene(cito) García (R-Hialeah) and Represenatative Manny “El Bueno” Díaz (R-Miami Lakes) each filed legislation in their respective chambers that would prohibit graduates of Cuban medical schools from practicing medicine in Florida, my initial reaction was to commend them (I always encourage anything that kicks the Castro regime in the teeth).

That being said, I also decided to dig a little deeper to investigate where they were coming from.

But before I get into that, here is a summary of their proposed legislation: Continue reading

Pizzi graduates from toxic to political leper

The primary election has come and gone, and as is the case after every election, voters and politicos alike give their opinions regarding what the winners did right and what the losers could have done better.

One race we at did not really chime in on was the Republican Primary for House District 103.  The reason we didn’t, as we’ve said before, is because we consider both Manny Díaz, Jr. and Renier Díaz de la Portilla (DLP) decent conservatives. Either one of them would have made a good representative and fighter for conservative principles.  Regardless, Manny Diaz went on to win that race 55% to 39%

A third candidate received roughly 5%.

However, a closer look at the numbers reveals something that should strike fear into the heart of notoriously high-strung mayor of Miami Lakes, Michael Pizzi. Continue reading

Primary Elections Recap

After months of fundraising, campaigning, scheming, punching, and counter-punching, candidates across Florida saw the fruits of their efforts come (and go) in the couple of hours after polls closed at 7pm yesterday.

Many outcomes were expected, some were surprising, and a few were just plain bizarre. On that note, what’s up with Central Florida? I mean, they actually elected the prosecutor who botched the Casey Anthony Trial as their new State Attorney? Seriously?  Oh well. I digress.

Anyway, this is a recap of election results and how things stand in some of the races we at took a position on: Continue reading