There’s something about Mary Collins

Mary Collins

Mary Collins

The day the corrupt lunatic and (former?) Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi was acquitted of federal charges last August he didn’t go home to spend time with his family after a long ordeal. Or go to church to thank God for the outcome of his case.

Instead, he dashed to Miami Lakes Town Hall with a gaggle of cameras in tow. He ran into the mayor’s office and council chambers, kissing his desk and sitting from chair to chair in what can only be described as a bizarre, low-class show of buffoonery before the news cameras.

He thought he was going to be reinstated mayor that day. But he wasn’t.

After he was indicted, Miami Lakes held a special election to fill the vacancy left by Pizzi’s suspension. The Town Charter clearly stipulates that an election to fill such a vacancy must be held if there is more than six months left in the mayor’s term. Wayne Slaton was therefore duly elected in that special election, and the Town, its council and attorney, as well as the governor consider consider him the mayor for the remainder of the term.

Needless to say, power-hungry corrupt lunatic Michael Pizzi wants his old job back, as well as his legal bills paid for by the Town’s taxpayers, which at this rate may exceed $1 million. So this week he filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court to be reinstated as mayor, which would nullify the election in which Wayne Slaton was duly elected.

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BREAKING: Miami Lakes Mayor Pizzi ARRESTED

pizzi handcuffsPer the Miami Herald, Miami Lakes mayor Michael Pizzi–a usual focus of our scorn here on–has been arrested by the FBI on bribery charges.

I guess next month’s fight has been canceled.

Also busted in the bribery investigation by the feds was City of Sweetwater Mayor Manny Maroño, which came as a surprise to us here on

Both men are expected to have their first appearances in federal court later this afternoon.

Because they are being charged with felonies, their removal from office should be automatic. Nevertheless, the announcement that Governor Rick Scott has removed them should be forthcoming.

It is worth noting that Manny Maroño’s departure from the South Florida political scene is a big hit to Governor Scott. Maroño was one of Scott’s earliest and most ardent supporters during his 2010 primary race for governor, which means Scott has now lost probably his greatest ally in Miami-Dade County.

The story is undoubtedly developing, and I will report back with more details as they surface.

** UPDATE 3:30 P.M. **

Here is a video of Mayor Pizzi being taken out of Miami Lakes Town Hall in handcuffs: Continue reading

South Florida mayors set to duke it out–literally


Per an e-mail circulated by Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi, he and Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez will enter the boxing ring on September 9th for a physical, head-to-head encounter.

According to Pizzi, he has been training for the past several months, and predicts the fight will be an “epic encounter.”

The mayoral rumble is set to take place at 6pm inside Hialeah’s new Milander Center for Arts and Entertainment located at the historic Milander Park.  Proceeds will benefit various charities, including youth programs in both cities.  Tickets can be purchased online at

In addition to the Mayor vs. Mayor bout, there will be a seven fight undercard of top fight MMA action, per Pizzi’s e-mail.

Although we have regularly criticized some of Pizzi’s actions as mayor, we wish him and Mayor Hernandez the best of luck, and salute both men for volunteering their time to benefit charity.

Florida town seeks to regulate yard work

lawnmower(Updated 7/10/2013 below original post)

Miami Lakes, Florida Councilman Tony Lama has added an item to his town’s next Council Meeting agenda called “Lake Water Quality – Landscaper Registration.”

Per Councilman Lama’s memorandum, landscapers have been inflicting damage on the town’s waterways by fertilizing close to shore lines and disposing of grass clippings in lakes and the street drains that discharge into lakes.

His solution, which was approved unanimously by the town’s Neighborhood Improvement Committee that he chairs and votes in, would call for citywide landscaper licensing and registration.

If the concept is ultimately approved and codified as a town ordinance, it would: Continue reading

Charges of illicit drug use, arson and DUI raised in Miami Lakes election

Wayne “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Slaton

As I’ve written before, my hometown of Miami Lakes is a small suburban municipality in the Northwest corner of Miami-Dade County known best for its tree-lined streets, scenic lakes, parks, and overall small-town feel. It’s kind of like a peaceful, lush oasis in an otherwise hectic, overdeveloped metropolis.

Despite it’s façade, however, its politics is anything but quaint.  And this year’s mayoral election is beginning to illustrate it.

The latest example comes in the form of a YouTube video uploaded by Mayoral candidate Wayne Slaton that spoofs the Late Show’s Top Ten List. In the surprisingly well-produced video, Slaton gives his “Top Ten Reasons” to elect him Mayor of Miami Lakes.  In doing so, he makes tacit allegations of unethical and in some cases illegal behavior presumably by his opponent incumbent mayor Michael Pizzi, including questioning whether he burned down his own law office, uses illegal drugs, and stiffs restaurants in town without paying.

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