Charlie Crist hopes Democrats are dumber than Republicans

If Florida politics is a joke, Charlie Crist is its punchline. Except, right when you think the punchline is finally over, it just gets more outrageous.

As has been widely reported, Florida’s former Republican governor, turned independent loser candidate, turned ambulance chaser spokesman Charlie Crist will address the Democratic National Convention tonight. News of this came after his endorsement of Barack Obama last week just days before the Republican National Convention kicked off in his own back yard.

Clearly, Florida’s do-nothing governor and perpetual candidate Charlie Crist is hoping Democrats are dumber than Republicans by welcoming him into their fold. Continue reading

Primary Elections Recap

After months of fundraising, campaigning, scheming, punching, and counter-punching, candidates across Florida saw the fruits of their efforts come (and go) in the couple of hours after polls closed at 7pm yesterday.

Many outcomes were expected, some were surprising, and a few were just plain bizarre. On that note, what’s up with Central Florida? I mean, they actually elected the prosecutor who botched the Casey Anthony Trial as their new State Attorney? Seriously?  Oh well. I digress.

Anyway, this is a recap of election results and how things stand in some of the races we at took a position on: Continue reading