VIDEO: Obama camp turns early voting in Miami into spectacle

The solemn American tradition of exercising the right to vote was not very solemn in Miami this weekend.

We at visited one of several countywide polling locations in Southeast Florida’s Miami-Dade County on the last day of early voting.  As has been widely reported by the media, the lines were several hours long–and exhausting. Several hundred stood patiently chatting with candidates and campaign volunteers, and others studied sample ballots so they would be prepared to get through the historically-long Florida ballot as quickly as possible once at the voting booth.

This was all made difficult, however, with the Obama campaign’s decision to turn the early voting location into a bizarre street carnival. A DJ was on site blaring salsa and merengue, as well as a South American folklore troupe beating drums and dancing–in the early voting parking lot’s right-of-way.

Some no doubt enjoyed the entertainment, but for many uncommitted voters interested in meeting local candidates, studying sample ballots, and learning about the various amendments and races they were about to vote on, it was an annoyance, which was very evident.  The group also made it difficult for frustrated drivers to make their way through the lot to find parking spots.  One elderly Cuban lady named Olga who claims she’s voted in every election since 1976 said she had never seen anything like this in all her years of voting. She called it “tremenda chusmería.”

To me it felt more like a street festival in Tegucigalpa than a voting precinct in the United States.

I don’t think the Obama campaign did itself any favors among undecided voters at this early voting location, but that’s just based on what I observed.

Here is the video:

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Other Views: Why Women Are Voting Republican

A picture of me taken at a Romney rally in Apopka was featured in the October 16th edition of USAToday. The accompanying editorial titled, “Why Women Might Vote Republican” is valid. However, I felt Vanderkam’s point is a product of what I detail in my response.

Today’s women are not a voting block. A product of a successful women’s rights movement is having the luxury to vote on a variety of issues. While many women will undoubtedly support the Democrats in this and future elections, I expect many will also support the Republican nominee–and in record numbers. Why? Women are tired of laboring under feminist stereotypes perpetuated by a small faction of liberal demagogues whose archaic belief is that all women subscribe to a victim mentality that dictates contraception and abortion are paramount issues to female voters.

“Obama made sure to play up the Romney-Ryan stance on abortion. Democrats assume this is a losing issue for republicans among women.” Why would the Democrats think that travesty of a situation is a “winning issue”? There is an antiquated feminist movement within the Democrat party that dictates this “issue” be the only issue.

The classic struggle between the younger generations and the baby boomers is stark. The “Women’s Movement” puts ladies in a position where if they work and don’t stay home with their families or don’t have families, they are wrong and equally wrong if they stay home and do not work. The pressure to conform to a split societal norm creates a wedge issue from which demagogues feed. President Obama exploiting this wedge reeks of desperation, not successful leadership.

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Why Romney will win Florida

Every day, and even twice in a day, there seems to be a new poll released showing the presidential race in Florida tied or with one candidate over the other by a few points.

Barring a major event or “October Surprise,” I believe that a comparison of the state’s political realities four years ago to how they stand today is a much better barometer of how the state will perform this year. And it clearly stands to benefit Mitt Romney.

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Other Views: Obama is a Liberal; That’s Bad Enough

I oppose every major domestic policy that Barack Obama has put forward since assuming the White House. Unless Mitt Romney gets caught with both a dead girl and a live boy at the same time, I will vote for him in November. That said, I’m hugely disturbed by the way that many Republicans think about the President. It’s bad for the country and worse for the Republican Party.

The facts are pretty simple: Barack Obama is an intelligent person, a terrific memoirist, a good husband to his wife, and a doting father to his girls. Since I personally have a much closer connection to Bill Ayers than Obama does–he and his wife came to my Bar Mitzvah and are frequent guests at my parents’ home in Chicago– I can’t believe that there’s anything wrong with the fact that Obama met Ayers a few times. I’m also pleased that Obama ordered the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden and oversaw the repeal of don’t-ask-don’t tell.

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