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I’m switching to Democrat–For the People

It is no secret that for at least the past eight years, I have been exposing Charlie Crist as utterly unprincipled, opportunistic, and corrupt.

My belief that he was a menace even compelled me to privately vote against him in the 2006 General Election, which marked the first time I had ever voted for a Democrat in a major election, or perhaps ever.

For the first few years of his administration, I and a small group of principled activists in the Republican Party openly criticized Charlie Crist and his minions like Jim Greer and other bootlickers  for running amok and personally profiting off their mutual mischief and were exiled from our party for doing so.

Our issue was not necessarily Crist’s public policy pursuits–although the disagreements were numerous–or his incessant pandering, or even his countless flip-flops.  Our main objection to Crist was what he was doing with the instrumentalities under his direct control.  That is, the irresponsibility with which he conducted himself as head of Florida state government and titular head of the Republican Party. Continue reading

Local GOP committee election offers preview of possible 2014 State House Primary

This past Thursday the Miami-Dade County Republican Executive Committee called a special meeting to elect its vice chairman. This would have normally been a routine, inconsequential exercise for the local county party, but for the events leading up to it.

Rewind to the Summer of 2012: A group of Ron Paul loyalists set its sight on the Miami-Dade County Republican Executive Committee and recruited several candidates throughout the county to “take over” the party, as some called it. This effort was apparently not limited to Miami-Dade County, but I digress. Continue reading

Other Views: Why Women Are Voting Republican

A picture of me taken at a Romney rally in Apopka was featured in the October 16th edition of USAToday. The accompanying editorial titled, “Why Women Might Vote Republican” is valid. However, I felt Vanderkam’s point is a product of what I detail in my response.

Today’s women are not a voting block. A product of a successful women’s rights movement is having the luxury to vote on a variety of issues. While many women will undoubtedly support the Democrats in this and future elections, I expect many will also support the Republican nominee–and in record numbers. Why? Women are tired of laboring under feminist stereotypes perpetuated by a small faction of liberal demagogues whose archaic belief is that all women subscribe to a victim mentality that dictates contraception and abortion are paramount issues to female voters.

“Obama made sure to play up the Romney-Ryan stance on abortion. Democrats assume this is a losing issue for republicans among women.” Why would the Democrats think that travesty of a situation is a “winning issue”? There is an antiquated feminist movement within the Democrat party that dictates this “issue” be the only issue.

The classic struggle between the younger generations and the baby boomers is stark. The “Women’s Movement” puts ladies in a position where if they work and don’t stay home with their families or don’t have families, they are wrong and equally wrong if they stay home and do not work. The pressure to conform to a split societal norm creates a wedge issue from which demagogues feed. President Obama exploiting this wedge reeks of desperation, not successful leadership.

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Massachusetts Democrats calling Seminoles racist?

A political scandal of epic proportions with national implications is unfolding in Massachusetts.

According to Politico and several other media outlets, supporters and staffers of incumbent U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) were caught on video engaging in a full-on racist chant against Native-Americans.

In what can (apparently) only be characterized as a grotesquely ignorant display, these amoral Scott Brown supporters were audaciously and hatefully performing the (apparently) universally-condemned “Tomahawk Chop” to mock Brown’s opponent Elizabeth Warren, who has been criticized for falsely claiming she has Native-American ancestry.

Oh the shame (apparently)!

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Akin’s ambition greater than America

Those who read this blog regularly know that we at have no qualms about holding our own accountable and our utter contempt for those we consider backstabbers.

We have even dedicated an entire section we call the “Backstabbers Corner” where we showcase those we have branded as such since the blog was launched and why they have joined political reprobates like the Backstabber Charlie Crist in earning such an unenviable designation.

In it, we describe backstabbers as:

…those who have committed some act of  treachery or another that in our opinion makes them a backstabber.  This can be anything from selling out principles, betraying friends, family, supporters and the party, to lying, snitching, or outright sedition.

We add RINOs, Democrats, and other such malcontents to this list as they arise. However, we have never added someone we deem an actual conservative until now. Continue reading