Solving the ‘conservative vs. libertarian’ problem

One of the topics discussed at the most recent BlogCon gathering in Dallas was how allies on the right–namely self-identified conservatives and libertarians–can unify, better collaborate and basically get along better on political and even personal levels.

This generated one of the most passionate–albeit friendly–debates of the conference. And although I didn’t chime in at the time, it got me thinking.

As a conservative, I have no problem befriending and collaborating with my fellow right-wingers of the libertarian persuasion, and consider many of them personal friends outside of politics.

It was Ronald Reagan who stated, “I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.” Continue reading

National Geographic: Reagan would beat Obama in modern-day election

National Geographic recently conducted a survey ahead of an 80s documentary miniseries whose results should come as no surprise to us conservatives and other regular Americans:

If an election were held today between Nobel Prize Laureate Barack Obama and the Man who actually helped liberate hundreds of millions of people from the shackles of tyranny by winning the Cold War, the latter guy would win. Continue reading

What would Reagan do…with his dog?

Just when you think you’ve entered an alternate universe after actually reading a positive fluff piece on Florida Governor Rick Scott in a Florida newspaper (in this case, a profile on First Lady Ann Scott in the Tampa Bay Times), you are quickly–within 24 hours–returned to reality with a ridiculous hit piece against him in the very same newspaper.

Such was the case this morning when veteran Tallahassee reporter Lucy Morgan–who apparently defines the word “retirement” as Cher does–published an article about Governor Rick Scott returning his adopted dog.

According to her article, the governor adopted a yellow Labrador Retriever from a shelter
before the 2010 general election who supporters named “Reagan.”  But shortly after moving into the Governor’s Mansion, the dog was returned to whence it came.

In fairness to Lucy Morgan, she does detail how the dog became an annoyance and threatening to mansion staff and others to the point of being disruptive, which is why he was eventually given back to the shelter.

However, the article serves no useful informational purpose other than to open the governor up to needless ridicule and sound byte attacks of heartlessness by his critics. Continue reading

Why Romney will win Florida

Every day, and even twice in a day, there seems to be a new poll released showing the presidential race in Florida tied or with one candidate over the other by a few points.

Barring a major event or “October Surprise,” I believe that a comparison of the state’s political realities four years ago to how they stand today is a much better barometer of how the state will perform this year. And it clearly stands to benefit Mitt Romney.

Here are the facts: Continue reading