Crist’s pick of running mate a sign of weakness, hubris

CristTaddeoI know I haven’t written here in a while, and that’s because I actually have a life outside of airing my frustrations and smiting my political enemies.

That being said, I figured I’d go ahead and offer my $0.02 about Charlie Crist’s latest antic (they’re all antics, right?).

Giving the media and interested parties only a 4-hour notice, the Charlie Crist campaign cobbled together a press event in Miami yesterday to make what they characterized as an “important announcement.”  It was for Crist to introduce his running mate Annette Taddeo-Goldstein.

Reviews of his pick have been mixed. Some believe it was “solid,” others not so much. Regardless of that, what is striking is the timing. Continue reading

The Party’s Just Begun

party switch

I’m switching to Democrat–For the People

It is no secret that for at least the past eight years, I have been exposing Charlie Crist as utterly unprincipled, opportunistic, and corrupt.

My belief that he was a menace even compelled me to privately vote against him in the 2006 General Election, which marked the first time I had ever voted for a Democrat in a major election, or perhaps ever.

For the first few years of his administration, I and a small group of principled activists in the Republican Party openly criticized Charlie Crist and his minions like Jim Greer and other bootlickers  for running amok and personally profiting off their mutual mischief and were exiled from our party for doing so.

Our issue was not necessarily Crist’s public policy pursuits–although the disagreements were numerous–or his incessant pandering, or even his countless flip-flops.  Our main objection to Crist was what he was doing with the instrumentalities under his direct control.  That is, the irresponsibility with which he conducted himself as head of Florida state government and titular head of the Republican Party. Continue reading

A warning to Democrats and Republicans about Charlie Crist

Taking out the trash

Much has been said about the detestable weasel backstabber Charlie Crist finally doing what we all knew he was going to do–register as a Democrat.

Many Republicans, conservatives, and other Crist haters, including the officials at the Republican Party of Florida have quickly condemned Crist for essentially coming full circle and finally being “true to self” and registering as a Democrat after years of undermining conservatism.

That is the wrong approach, in my opinion.

Not to toot my own horn (toot toot), but I have been on the forefront of calling out this weasel politician for his treachery and opportunism for about seven years now. I called him out and exposed him when he was at the top, when just about every Republican adored and respected him (or pretended to out of political expediency), when his minions controlled the Republican Party of Florida (i.e., Jim Greer, and others), and when they were all in a position to enact political retribution–which they did. I and a handful of others called him out, and we paid the price. We were exiled from our own party, but ultimately we defeated him and his circle of crap, exposed them for the criminals they all were, and Floridians of all stripes are better off for it.

Those of us who have battled Crist over the years know him to be utterly and completely devoid of principles and conviction.  As such, to say that Crist has finally come home to the Democrat Party is false.   Continue reading

Primary Elections Recap

After months of fundraising, campaigning, scheming, punching, and counter-punching, candidates across Florida saw the fruits of their efforts come (and go) in the couple of hours after polls closed at 7pm yesterday.

Many outcomes were expected, some were surprising, and a few were just plain bizarre. On that note, what’s up with Central Florida? I mean, they actually elected the prosecutor who botched the Casey Anthony Trial as their new State Attorney? Seriously?  Oh well. I digress.

Anyway, this is a recap of election results and how things stand in some of the races we at took a position on: Continue reading

Retain conservatives on the RPOF state committee, Part 2: Liliana Ros (Miami-Dade)

One of the first people I came to know in politics is Miami-Dade GOP State Committeewoman Liliana Ros.  Though I first met her during the Dole campaign in 1996, she did not become someone I came to know well until a few years later when I became more active in the local Republican Party down in my home county of Miami-Dade.

Besides longtime chairman and movement conservative activist Mary Ellen Miller, Liliana Ros–often referred to as the “Godmother of the Miami-Dade GOP”–has always been the go-to person for anything related with the local GOP in Miami-Dade. If an up-and-coming solid, conservative candidate didn’t enjoy the connections to, or financial support of bigwig establishment types, Liliana Ros would offer to help the candidate by throwing him a fundraiser or introducing him to the right people.

In fact, it was Liliana Ros who first introduced a young Republican activist and volunteer to the mayor of West Miami when he wanted to run for that small town’s council.  That introduction eventually earned him that mayor’s support, which helped him win that first race. That young councilman then ran for and won a seat in the State House, and in his last year as a legislator went on to serve as Florida’s first Hispanic Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.  This story can be verified in Senator Marco Rubio’s recently-released memoir, “An American Son.” Continue reading