Democrat activist enlists help of prominent anti-Israel organizer to disrupt Rubio events

If leftists are so committed to embarrassing Senator Rubio, they might want to use minions that won’t embarrass them in the process.

That is, if they have any shame.

As we discussed yesterday, the low-class, shrill leftist group Florida Watch Action that we have affectionately nicknamed ACORN 2.0 distributed a bunch of pink tacky book covers that depict Senator Rubio as a traitor.

(We nicknamed this group ACORN 2.0 because its leader, Democrat activist Susannah Randolph once headed the Florida chapter of the now-defunct voter fraud organization ACORN.) Continue reading

Former ACORN Florida director attacks Marco Rubio

Looks like the low-class, leftist out-of-power couple made up of outgoing State Representative Scott Randolph and his wife Susannah are at it again.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the leftist puke group that goes by the name FloridaWatch, which will henceforth be referred to as ACORN 2.0, has launched another tacky, low-class attack that is sure to follow in its long list of totally ineffective campaigns.

The group, headed by Susannah Randolph, is mocking Marco Rubio’s recently released book “An American Son” with the kind of inflammatory rhetoric that they’ve used in the past on other conservatives. Continue reading