Primary Election Day is here!

Well, today is finally primary day in Florida!

Unfortunately, turnout in primaries is usually very low even though many of the races are truly decided now rather than in November.

Over the last several weeks, we have identified some key races and offered #ReaganistaCertified endorsements.  These are races in which we felt there was a lot at stake, which is why we decided to dedicate entire articles to them, such as the Florida Congressional District 9 GOP Primary race, where we encourage everyone to support John Q (undoubtedly the most important primary in the state).

Then there are other races that although we did not dedicate whole posts to, we have decided to offer recommendations.

For a full list of recommendations and #ReaganistaCertified endorsements, please click here.

To all you solid conservative Republican candidates, good luck!  To you RINOs, backstabbers, and other such malcontents, not so much.


Leon County GOP to file complaint against Democrats for illegal mailing

The Republican Party of Leon County has notified their Democrat Party counterparts that they will likely pursue legal action against them over a recent campaign mailer.  The letter signed by Leon GOP Vice Chairman of Political Affairs William Helmich states that Republican Party officials will likely pursue legal action against the Democrats for using the “the official logo of the Republican Party, the use of which is unauthorized.”

The mailing (pictured below) was apparently sent to area Democrats to urge them to vote against Tallahassee City Commission candidate Steve Stewart. Though the race is nonpartisan, Stewart is a registered Republican who is running against prominent Democrat (and former state party chairman) Scott Maddox. Continue reading

Cuban cafeteria in Tallahassee — Finally!

One of the things I miss most about Miami is the ability to pull up to a Cuban cafeteria just about anywhere in town and leave the car running as I run up to the window and grab a colada and pastelito to go.

Or, if I have more time, just hang out at the coffee window or grab one of the bar stools inside, chat with one of the locals as I sip my coffee, and then wash it down with ice water out of one of those Gatorade water coolers with the disposable little paper cone cups.

Those of you who have ever been in Hialeah, Little Havana or Westchester know exactly what I’m talking about.

Tallahassee has a couple of decent Cuban restaurants, but I haven’t found a cafeteria like the one I describe above where I can grab a quick snack or a typical Cuban-style breakfast–until now. Continue reading

Other Views: Scott Maddox Against America

I got a call today from someone who is supporting Steve Stewart for City Commission here in Tallahassee.  They asked me, as one of the founders of the Tallahassee Tea Party, to make it public that Steve Stewart is not a member of the tea party.  What I learned is that one of Stewart’s opponents, Scott Maddox, held a bizarre press conference today and blasted Stewart for being a member of the tea party.

Oh, the pandemonium!

This whole episode is telling.  This person, who identifies with the tea party herself, feels the tea party must have such a negative perception among Tallahassee voters that she was nervous that Stewart would be grouped in with the tea party and that there would be a backlash against him from independent voters.

I had to stop her and tell her – let’s not forget – the tea party is not a political party. Heck, it’s not even partisan!  The tea party is a movement of ideas built on the constitutional principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and fiscal conservatism.  The last time I looked, these are not conservative or liberal principles.  These are bedrock American principles that more than 70% of Americans agree with.  And those that don’t agree with them are fiercely opposed to the U.S. Constitution itself.  These principles are what make this constitutional republic what it is! Continue reading

Tallahassee Young Republicans Resolution RE: High Speed Rail

Because the Tallahassee Young Republicans website is currently under construction, I’ve posted this resolution here.

On Tuesday, February 22, 2011 the Young Republicans Club of Tallahassee overwhelmingly approved the adoption of the following resolution regarding the high-speed rail proposal recently rejected by Governor Rick Scott.


Whereas, the United States government faces a staggering $14 trillion debt due to multiple years of budget deficits, and
Whereas, President Obama recently proposed the largest budget in United States history at $3.73 trillion, which includes a $1.65 trillion deficit, and
Whereas, President Obama’s America’s Recovery and Reinvestment Act, otherwise known as the “stimulus” foisted at least $862 billion in additional debt on future generations and may eventually cost trillions of dollars over the next several years, and
Whereas, Republicans and conservatives across America united against President Obama’s stimulus plan, which was forced through the legislative process without a single Republican vote in the House of Representatives, and
Whereas, the proposed “high-speed rail” linking Orlando and Tampa would be overwhelmingly subsidized by funds appropriated from the aforementioned Obama stimulus, and
Whereas, historical data suggests that budget overruns are pervasive in over 90% of rail projects, and
Whereas, any budget overruns would be incurred by Florida taxpayers, and
Whereas, if revenues generated by “high-speed rail” are insufficient to cover its costs, Florida taxpayers would likely be forced to subsidize it in perpetuity, and
Whereas, if future lawmakers were to ever decide to dismantle “high-speed rail” due to cost overruns, underutilization, or any other factor, Florida would have to return the $2.4 billion to the federal government, NOW, THEREFORE,

Be it resolved by the Young Republicans Club of Tallahassee, a chapter duly chartered by the Florida Federation of Young Republicans:

That its leadership and membership support Florida Governor Rick Scott’s rejection of borrowed federal funds to subsidize a “high-speed rail” project between the metropolitan areas of Tampa and Orlando, Florida.
Be it further resolved that copies of this resolution be dispatched to the Governor, President of the Florida Senate, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, the Chairman of the Florida Federation of Young Republicans, and to members of the media.