Primary Elections Recap

After months of fundraising, campaigning, scheming, punching, and counter-punching, candidates across Florida saw the fruits of their efforts come (and go) in the couple of hours after polls closed at 7pm yesterday.

Many outcomes were expected, some were surprising, and a few were just plain bizarre. On that note, what’s up with Central Florida? I mean, they actually elected the prosecutor who botched the Casey Anthony Trial as their new State Attorney? Seriously?  Oh well. I digress.

Anyway, this is a recap of election results and how things stand in some of the races we at took a position on: Continue reading

Other Views: A personal perspective on Congresswoman Sandy Adams

A lot of people have asked me why I have chosen to volunteer my time to the Sandy Adams for Congress race and the answer to that is simple, Sandy is the real deal.

I met sandy over 10 years ago while I was still a high school senior at Trinity Prep in Winter Park. I had already become active in the political process volunteering my time on campaigns and as a result was attending Republican Executive Commtitee meetings, Young Republican Club socials, and Republican Women’s Club lunches.

Sandy was the featured speaker at the Orlando Women’s Club for her then-race for State House District 33, and since I lived in the district I wanted to go hear her speak. I brought my mom, Gilda, with me. We listened to Sandy and we were so moved by her story.

We listened as she explained her desire to serve our country by joining the Air Force and meeting her husband. How she left that abusive marriage to protect her daughter. She had to work several jobs to make ends meet. Determined, she put herself through police academy to serve as a deputy sheriff. Continue reading

John Q: The Conservative of Record to defeat leftist Alan Grayson

Every conservative in Florida needs to care about the GOP primary race for the newly-drawn Congressional seat in Central Florida. Why? Because whoever Republicans in that district nominate will likely determine if the most vitriolic shrill leftist bigmouth to ever serve in congress returns to torment us for another term.  I’m referring, of course, to the detestable Alan Grayson.

As you may recall, Grayson was elected in 2008 and then was defeated in 2010 by Congressman and patriot Dan Webster after serving only one term.  But a humiliating defeat two years ago isn’t keeping him away.

Now he wants to run for the newly-drawn Congressional District 9 seat that encompasses Osceola County (Kissimmee and surrounding areas) and parts of Polk and Orange.  The district is largely comprised of Puerto Ricans, who lean–although not blindly or overwhelmingly–Democrat.  As such, Grayson would stand a decent shot at being elected to this seat if we nominate the wrong person. Continue reading

Eric Holder’s pattern of recklessness and law breaking

As everyone knows by now, the United States House of Representatives voted 255 to 67 (with virtually the entire Democrat caucus walking out and abstaining) to rightfully hold Obama’s Attorney General in contempt of Congress due to his refusal to honor the requirements of a congressional subpoena and hand over documents related to the Fast & Furious gun-running fiasco.

That vote tally included 17 Democrats who voted in favor.

I should also note that there were two backstabber Republicans who voted against the contempt resolution. Those were Congressmen Steve LaTourette (R?-OH) and Scott Rigell (R?-VA) whose treachery has earned them an induction into the Reaganista Backstabbers Corner.

Anyway, this isn’t the first time Eric Holder should have been held in contempt. Continue reading

Our sit-down with Congressional Candidate Karen Harrington

I had the pleasure of running into congressional candidate and bedrock conservative Karen Harrington in Las Vegas today at the RightOnline conference.  Harrington is running in Florida’s Congressional District 23 against incumbent congresswoman, DNC Chair, and all-around unpleasant leftist bigmouth Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

That alone makes her a patriot in my book.

Anyway, I had a chance to sit down with Harrington between sessions and ask her a few questions about her goals and campaign: Continue reading