Other Views: Disregard of veterans akin to treason

Last week I received a call from a woman heavily involved in veteran support groups.  She told me there was a veteran of the war in Iraq who suffered a bad car accident.  He was hospitalized and she asked me if I could stop by his room to keep him company as he was feeling lonely in the room.  I went to the hospital not knowing that my life was about to change.

Demario is an orphan who spent time with over 20 foster families throughout his childhood before joining the military at 18.  He bravely served 12 years before being shot four times in Iraq, which rendered the left side of his body paralyzed.

He was promptly served medical discharge papers, the military cut all ties, and a half paralyzed Demario was again alone in the world with no family, friends, or job–after over 10 combat deployments to just about every hell hole on Earth in defense of his country. Continue reading

Other Views: We owe our veterans more

As this is the first piece I am contributing to Reaganista.com, I could not help but realize the significance of my first work on this site.  I thought to myself this article will inevitably set the tone and connotations for much of my future work, which will hopefully find its way into a cozy niche on Reaganista.com.  I wondered: what should I write about?

Should I write about Nancy Argenziano and her Public Service Commission scandal?  Should I write about my very own Mayor Marks of Tallahassee who uses his office to push the agenda of his private sector clients?  Should I write about our incumbent State Representative who is waging war over a nuclear power facility in South Florida, but doing nothing about the socialist city owned utilities we have here in Tallahassee which provide us with some of the most expensive electricity in the country?

No, I chose to write about a grave problem too often overlooked: the treatment of our veterans.  Continue reading